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Sand dunes of the Boberger Niederung

Guided walk through the dunes landscape in ENGLISH language

Sonntag, 27. August. 2023 , 11:00–12:30 Uhr

Boberger Niederung nature reserve is famous for its outstanding landscapes – especially its natural sand dunes. Have you ever seen sand dunes in a big and vibrant European city? Do you know how they have evolved here and what plants and animals inhabit this very specific environment? Discover this in the Boberger Niederung walking tour. During the 1,5-hour walk with an English-speaking guide, you will learn about the history of this unique place, its natural features, and what role man played in the formation of the area.

Zielgruppe: (Erwachsene)

Ort: Boberg

Treffpunkt: Boberger Dünenhaus, Boberger Furt 50, 21033 Hamburg

Veranstalter: Irina Kozban

Leitung: Irina Kozban


Kosten für Erwachsene: 8,00 €

Kosten für Kinder: 5,00 €

Anmeldung bis: 22. Aug. 2023

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